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I need software / drivers - how do I get them?

Crossmatch does not publicly distribute end-user drivers.

If you have purchased an SDK (Software Development Kit) you will find the redistributable drivers in the download package. You should distribute those “End-User” licensed drivers to your customers in order for your application to utilize the biometrics. (You cannot distribute the SDK to your customers.)

If you are an end-user who desires drivers you must go to the company that purchased a DP SDK. For example, users of Helios, Dolphin, SunLinc, CountMeIn, DigitalDinning, etc. need to go those vendors for software. DigitalPersona makes the fingerprint reader and sells an SDK (Software Development Kit) that these other third party companies have used to make their own products. They sell these products, provide support and updates, and maybe re-sell fingerprint readers too.

If you are deploying DP Online you'll need to go to your 'upstream' Online Server host, i.e. LendingTools or Banker'sBank, for the DP Online client application software which includes the drivers.

If you are deploying Crossmatch DigitalPersona Pro, the Pro Workstation and Pro Kiosk clients provide some drivers out of the box, and other supported drivers which can be re-distributed are included in the install sources.


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