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What does the "Activated on DC" column in the Licenses view in GPMC mean?

The Altus license is stored in AD and basically exists on all DCs / Altus Servers. The text in the UI specifies the name of the server on which the license was imported / staged. This information is just there for historical troubleshooting purposes and does confuse some people. That DC no longer needs to exist for the license to function. You can decommission that DC and ignore that it's name still shows up there.

The Enterprise User license can only be used (imported / staged) once. If you delete it, will have to reset it.

The "activated on" column in that license UI is purely informational. The license is now basically an object in your AD domain. It is replicated on each DC. All Pro servers can access it. Even if you decommission the server where the license was originally staged on, it doesn't mater. Once your domain is licensed, no action is required from you insofar as licensing to add or remove Pro Servers.


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