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Altus/Pro and Dell Kace co-existence

The Dell Kace agent puts itself as the ONLY thing in the Userinit key and moves everything else. After that DigitalPersona Pro will still provide Windows/AD logon and unlock, but there may be no Password Manager functionality.

Dell Kace

<> details where the kace agent overwrites userinit with kusrinit.exe breaking Symantec Privacy Shell; to resolve they reinstall the kace agent with the "NOHOOKS=1" option.

syntax: (HOST and NOHOOK options must be in ALL CAPS)
msiexec /i ampagent-version-platform.msi HOST=hostname-fqdn NOHOOKS=1

msiexec /i ampagent-5.3.53177-x86.msi HOST=kbox.hpfcu.local NOHOOKS=1

The Dell Kace 5.4 Administrator Guide <> details that "NOHOOKS=1" prevents the installation of logon or bootup hooks, and preserves existing userinit.exe files!

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